BIN No 220 :: NYC Wine Bars

The owners of Bin No. 220, Calli and Sandy, are longtime Seaport residents and have worked in many a New York restaurant and bar. When the space on Front Street opened up, they seized the opportunity to open their own wine bar.

Bin No. 220 is located in a historic building originally constructed in 1798. For many years, the building housed the offices for Stevens shipping fleet and liquor importing business. The wine bar maintains the historic feel of the old time glamour with dark wood tones and gold lighting washing gently over the bar.

Guests will be entertained by the list of Italian wines, which is divided up between Calli and Sandy's preferences. Their small menu is infused with foods meant to be paired with a great glass of Italian vino, ranging from salad to antipasto to panini.

Address and Phone
220 Front Street
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212.374.9463