Brookvin Wine Bar :: NYC Wine Bars

Known for their friendly staff and low key vibe, Brookvin is one of the most charming spots in New York. Their very long but meticulously chosen wine list has something to soothe every palette, whether it's a traditional French bordeux or an award winning chardonnay from Santa Barbara. On warm evenings, the windows are flung open and the garden is lit up, welcoming wine lovers to linger and sip.

The menu, though small, is equally palette pleasing with its roasted leg of lamb sandwich and artichoke, Calabrian pepper, lemon aioli and parsley tartine. Their cheeses are selected for variety, often featuring a goat's milk, cow's milk, and sheep's milk cheese at once. Up and coming connoisseurs can even take wine classes at Brookvin.

Address and Phone
381 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718.768.9463