Gottino Wine Bar :: NYC Wine Bars

Gottino is described by New York magazine as "cramped and cozy" in its article declaring Gottino as the best wine bar in the city. It isn't the sleek, sophisticated space of other wine bars and lounges in the city, but what it's a true wine bar in the sense that, in addition to the all Italian list of wines, the bar keeps a tantalizing menu of snacks and small plates that revolve with the seasons.

This New York City wine bar looks like it's come out of a storybook, with its classic black and white awning, painted, embossed tin tile ceiling, chandelier and exposed brick walls. While it's in the big city, you'll get the feeling that you went back in time when you step into the warm, inviting space. You almost expect someone's Italian grandmother to come out from the kitchen -- that's how good it is.

Address and Phone
52 Greenwich Ave.
New York, New York 10011
Phone: 212.633.2590