Ino Cafe and Wine Bar :: NYC Wine Bars

When owners Jason and Jennifer Denton were in Italy for a friend's wedding in the mid 1990s, they wandered into a small wine bar and immediately fell for its simplicity and low key charm. Based on this idea, they opened ‘ino, which carries with it the same laid back atmosphere of elegantly scaled back food and robust wines.

Ino is unique in offering breakfast daily, with brunch reserved for Saturdays and Sundays. Later in the day, a variety of bruschetta, tramezzini, and panini are served to accompany a glass of any one of the wines picked off the vast list. The wines are divided by the region in which they are made in Italy. ‘Ino strips away any pretension that may arise from the idea of enjoying wine, so that it becomes about the simple pleasure of enjoying delicious food with well-crafted drink in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Address and Phone
21 Bedford Street
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212.989.5769